Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 5/31/18

  • May 30, 2018

Tough result for the Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday night. The home team played well enough to win, but this was one of those night where the Knights couldn’t find the magic touch. Perhaps to be more accurate they couldn’t find the magic Tuch, as in Alex Tuch. This was a difficult evening for the Knights forward. Tuch took a critical offensive zone penalty that led to a Washington power play goal, he inadvertently deflected in another Capitals score and Tuch was the victim of the highway robbery save of the series by Braden Holtby late in the game.

The Golden Knights now are faced with the task of almost certainly needing to win one of the next two games as the scene shifts to Washington’s home ice. That won’t be easy but difficult tasks have not been a hindrance for the Knights. They rebounded from adversity at the start of the Western Conference finals series with Winnipeg and I don’t see any chance the Knights will be lacking confidence as they take the ice on Saturday for Game Three.

The early price for the next game has the Capitals favored in the -140 neighborhood. That looks like a good line to me and I doubt I’ll be doing anything more that just watching the proceedings and hoping the Knights get the rapid rebound. One thing that seems likely is that it will be another tightly contested battle. There hasn’t been much to choose between these teams in the first two games and I expect more of the same this weekend.

A bit of a bump in the baseball road the last couple days. 0-2 on Wednesday with two tough losses. I dropped a F5 play on the Cardinals when the Brewers pushed one run across in the bottom of the fifth. That was on the heels of a couple of terrific scoring opportunities that were missed by the Redbirds. The other miss was on the Cubs who scored immediately against the Pirates and then spent the rest of the game stranding runners. The 0-2 dropped the season to date bottom line to a still very robust +25 net units. I’ll be thrilled to maintain that pace for the rest of the season.

I’m going to run one of my guaranteed specials for June, details will be available in tomorrow’s blog or you can email me at for details.

The NBA Finals get started tonight and it’s the Cavaliers and Warriors for the 83rd season in a row. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It’s only four straight years. It just seems like forever to me. I’m sure that for some the prospect of another rivalry duel is compelling. Personally, I’m bored. The league has become entirely too predictable in terms of figuring out the two teams that will meet for the trophy every season. My two cents are that this is not good for the game, but that’s just my take. As for Game one, this is opinion only.



I’m really never a fan of laying doubles in basketball. But I’m also of the belief this matchup is potentially very lopsided as the Warriors would certainly appear to be the vastly superior entry. LeBron James is flat out amazing but the rest of the Cavs aren’t.

The Warriors have to guard against overconfidence against a team they known they’re supposed to handle. That might be an issue for a less experienced championship series team, but that is most certainly not the case for Golden State. I would anticipate their mindset to be one where a message is sent right out of the starting gate that this will not be a competitive series. The worst thing the Warriors can do is play just well enough to win as that would be a big confidence builder for the huge underdog. This is strictly opinion and not a personal play. But if you’re looking for action tonight in Game One, I’d opt to lay the lumber with the Warriors.