Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 5/4/17

  • May 4, 2017

One of the more turbulent baseball series in recent memory will conclude tonight as the Orioles and Red Sox wrap up a newsworthy four-game series.

If you follow baseball even a little bit, you already know about the hit batters and also some message missiles that evidently were wide of their intended targets. No need to rehash any of that, as its been done. Besides, that’s stuff taking place inside the lines.

My focus here is on the individual who apparently decided to yelling racial slurs at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was acceptable behavior. Props to the Red Sox, who not only ejected the offending dimwit, but the organization has now permanently banned this individual from entering Fenway Park.

Props to the Red Sox for this penalty. Racial slurs do not fall under the heading of free speech. I’m hoping this person faces legal action as well, as I kind of like the idea of bigots being exposed. If that makes this guy’s life more difficult, that’s more than okay with me.

It has been a very merry month of May, albeit only for three days. But getting out of the gate with a big plus figure is fun, and that bottom line increased on Wednesday with a 4-0, +3.15 gain. I’ll try to keep it rolling today.

The monthly offer, which includes what is probably my strongest guarantee ever, is available via the drop down menu on this page. I don’t want to turn this into a short novel, so if you want the details, email me directly at I’ll simply offer that I doubt you’ll find a stronger guarantee from anyone in this industry.

Things worked out nicely with the Wednesday free play, and I will repeat the same strategy with another NBA play tonight.


Take: WIZARDS 1H -4.5

In a sense, I got it wrong as the Spurs defeated the Rockets on Wednesday evening. I played San Antonio in both the first quarter and the first half. My 1Q wager won with less than one second remaining. The IH play was a bit easier. But as it turned out, the most dominant quarter for the Spurs was the final one. Nevertheless, the two plays won.

I expect the same result tonight, as I’m expecting the Wizards to come out firing after losing two games at Boston. Actually, I like the idea of going first quarter and first half more here due to the serious lack of depth on this Wizards team. Their bench is simply not very good, and Washington has been much better early rather than late in each of the first two games.

Officially, my play here is Wizards 1H, but that’s mostly because that wager is widely available now, whereas the 1Q play isn’t for many bettors. However, I will be personally be going with both plays tonight, and looking for a repeat of the Wednesday result in the process.