Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/21/18

  • June 20, 2018

In case you missed it, the Philly Phanatic injured a fan in Wednesday’s game against the Cardinals.

The popular mascot was launching hot dogs to fans during the game when the mishap occurred. He fired one off using the launcher like he always does. But this time it headed straight toward a female fan in the stands who was somewhat incapacitated due to an injured shoulder that is awaiting surgery. She could not avoid the hot dog, and it caught here right in the face.

The hot dog did result in a hematoma, but fortunately no concussion. The good news is the lady is a big fan of the team and she said she won’t be pursuing any legal action. That’s a also a break for the organization, I would guess.

Okay, here’s the part that bugs me a bit. The Phillies are going to give her tickets for a future game. Really? I mean, this could have been a lot worse. At least give her a pass for the rest of the season, or maybe a luxury box if its just going to be a one-game thing. Just my two cents. The lady was so cool about the whole thing, the organization should step up.

I went 1-2 on Wednesday. Good news is the winner was a nice price dog call on the Twins. I’m slapping myself for the Mets play. It fit on my numbers and I liked the idea of fading Chad Bettis. But I was fully aware going in that Seth Lugo was a bad fit for Coors. He’s a breaking ball pitcher and those guys just don’t generally enjoy pitching in the altitude as the ball just doesn’t react the way it’s supposed to in the conditions. I got the Bettis portion of the analysis right but it was still a stupid bet. Live and learn, which is something that should always be mandatory.

Time for this week’s CFL free play. This one goes Friday night.


Take: HAMILTON +6.5

Hamilton was a seriously bad beat loser in Week One. Down six, driving for a chance to win the game. Masoli forced a panic pass into coverage and got picked, and then Calgary got a front door cover when they broke a big run, essentially while they were just killing time.

I think we get value off that result here as the Ti-Cats showed me they’re an improved team this season. This is the second straight away for the Cats, but note they did not return home after last week’s game. The team stayed in Alberta and I’m hearing they’ve had a great time bonding together as a team. I think we’re going to get a big effort from Hamilton here.

The Ti-Cats will have to play some good defense here as Edmonton has a high powered attack. The Eskimos had to rally for that win at Winnipeg and they have a home date with BC next week, so this could be an early season sandwich spot. Bottom line is I took the tough beat with Hamilton last week, but now they’re getting almost as much from the oddsmakers as they did at Calgary, so there’s okay value here. Ti-Cats plus the points.