Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/27/19

  • June 26, 2019

A few quick notes. I’ll be doing some college football previews in this space later in the month. I’ll do some teams individually, and will offer predicted orders of finish in each conference well before the season actually gets underway.

Also, some days off coming on The Las Vegas Sportsline. We normally air weekdays 2-3PM Pacific on ESPN Las Vegas, or online at But we will be off on Tuesday and Thursday next week, and then will be dark the entire All-Star MLB week. The Tuesday show next week is being bumped for a basketball game the station will be airing. The Thursday is off as it’s the Fourth. And the full week off is a vacation break for me.

1-1-1 on Wednesday, but a red figure as the Dodgers F5 was a favorite. I pushed my Angels F5 play and won the F5 Under in that game. Here’s one I’ll be trying on Thursday.



For analysis on this game, be sure to catch the Thursday edition of First Pitch on youtube. Search Wagertalk baseball and it’ll be up sometime in the morning.