Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/28/18

  • June 27, 2018

Chris Bosio is out as pitching coach of the Detroit Tigers. Bosio was let go after making what was deemed to be an insensitive comment to a team employee. The organization made it clear they have a zero tolerance policy as far as this behavior is concerned.

I don’t have any idea what Bosio said nor who he said it to. It doesn’t really matter as it’s none of my business. The bottom line is he apparently said something he shouldn’t have and it’s entirely possible his long career in baseball has reached its end.

I completely understand there will be some who feel Bosio should have simply been issued a warning and that an apology would have sufficed. It’s possible I might fit that category, although with no knowledge of the specifics I cannot really say.

But what has to be clear as day is that it’s 2018, and like it or not, this is the way things now are. And the fact is, everyone should be aware of the way things are in today’s society. If you commit a  verbal faux pas, you might be out of a job. So it’s really simple. Think twice before you blurt something out, or prior to hitting the enter tab on your favorite social media platform. A pain in the neck? Yeah, I suppose it is. But it is what it is. Live with it or suffer the potential consequences.

Plus day on Wednesday thanks to the Phillies. I went the -1 route with the Diamondbacks and got stuck with a push when shaky closer Brad Boxberger served up a ninth inning homer to Starlin Castro. The fact I was not even mildly surprised by this speaks volumes about my viewpoint on Boxberger closing for Arizona, but I’m not the one making the decisions.

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The Phillies F5/9 play worked out nicely. I’ll go the home dog route for the Thursday comp.

ASTROS (McCullers) at RAYS (Stanek)

Take: RAYS +150

Stanek-Yarbrough combo expected for the surging Rays on Thursday. The “opener” ploy the Rays have been using for numerous starts over the past month has worked out exceptionally well. Just look at the team ERA since they went this route. Tough to argue with the success rate.

Lance McCullers figures to be tough on a still limited Rays offense. But this is not a terrible go against spot, with the Astros coming off a thrilling walk off win vs. the Blue Jays and now traveling to Tampa for a sort of ho-hum series. I would think the ‘Stros are most vulnerable in this opener.

As for the Rays, Kevin Cash is managing outside the box on a variety of levels, and it’s working quite well. I think there’s a legit argument to be made that he’s a serious contender for AL Manager of the Year honors as we near the halfway point of the season. The Rays are overachieving and Cash is keeping things highly entertaining with a bit of a mad scientist approach.

The number on this game has been dropping, and probably with good reason. It’s now borderline for me as far as  value goes, but the situation is a pretty good one for the hosts. I’d side with Tampa Bay to get the upset.