Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/15/17

  • June 15, 2017

The Washington Nationals need bullpen help. Everyone know this is the case. If the Nats can’t fix the pen, they’re not going to get to the World Series, simple as that.

But that relief corps repair isn’t going to be easy. Unlike 2016, when there were some really good proven arms available at the trade deadline, the pickings are looking mighty slim in 2017.

The closers most likely available are David Robertson, Kelvin Herrera and AJ Ramos. That’s not exactly the ultimate money in the bank trio, but beggars can’t be choosers. Making matters worse for the Nationals is that everyone knows they have to make an upgrade, and any GM who doesn’t max out on the return is flat out weak.

I don’t think the Nationals are going to have any choice but to fork over a king’s ransom. Dusty Baker is unhappy with the assortment of arms he has at his disposal, and he’s been pretty much saying that since spring training got started. Now comes the news that some players are complaining as well. Those comments are off the record for obvious reasons. But there’s zero doubt the starting pitchers and position players are getting upset with the lack of action on the part of the front office.

There might be an under the radar option, however. I think it’s worth noting that former UNLV star Erick Fedde, who is †he best pitching prospect in the organization, has been moved from starter to reliever down on the farm. Fedde was doing well enough as a starter at AA, and that’s his future in the majors.

But for right now, there is no question in my mind that the Nationals are planning to have Fedde enter the bullpen mix with the big club if he can prove he’s up to the task at AAA. Note that Fedde was just promoted to Syracuse and threw his first AAA inning last night.

I love this move by the Nationals. It’s been done before with some great results by other teams in a bullpen fix and can work here as well. I also like it as the move to the pen is an indication to me the Nationals are unwilling to include Fedde in a deal. If they were going to shop Fedde, he would still be starting.

I’ll definitely be monitoring Fedde’s progress at Syracuse, and will certainly be watching to see if he starts getting used in high leverage situations. That sure looks to be the case, as Fedde was used in a close game on Wednesday night. And in fact Fedde ended up as the winning pitcher in his AAA debut, although he was touched for three hits and one run in his first game at the advanced level.

Keep an eye on Erick Fedde. The former Hustlin’ Rebel might just be pitching some big innings come October!

2-2 here on Wednesday, but thanks to a big dog winner on Milwaukee, it was a profitable day. If you haven’t signed up yet for my Summer Special, give it some consideration. I think it’s a really solid investment. I’ll furnish all the details via email, so get in touch with me at

Good job by the Padres as they rallied from a 2-0 deficit to earn a Wednesday win as the daily comp. Hers’s the Thursday free play.

MARINERS (Miranda) at TWINS (Berrios)

Take: MARINERS -102

Please note that this play is not on my personal card just yet. Day game following a night game, I want to see the lineups before getting involved. But if it’s all systems go for the Seattle side and the price stays approximately where it is presently, I’ll be on the Mariners. Check my Twitter timeline (@davecokin) for an update prior to gametime.

As for the analysis, it’s really mostly math. I make Seattle roughly -112 here and I like Miranda’s current form. I also give the Mariners bullpen a bit of an edge over their Twins counterparts. If the price remains right and the usual cast of characters is in action, I’ll be making the Mariners an official play in the morning.