Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/29/17

  • June 29, 2017


That’s the spot on description for the performance of umpire DJ Reyburn on Wednesday night as the Cardinals scored a 4-3 win over the Diamondbacks.

Reyburn was absolutely terrible with his ball/strike calls in this game. Yes, he was consistent. We often hear that as long as an umpire is consistent with his strike zone, it’s up to the players to adjust accordingly.

Well, good luck to hitters trying to adjust to this ridiculous excuse for a strike zone. Reyburn was consistency calling pitches 3-4 inches off the plate strikes and it absolutely had an impact on the game.

I don’t want to single out Reyburn as he’s far from the only big league umpire who we now know thanks to technology are not very good at calling balls and strikes. It’s really that simple.

I’m sorry, but those of you still clinging to the old belief that these guys do a great job and get almost everything right are not watching the games very closely. Yeah, it’s a tough job. No argument there. But that’s not an acceptable excuse for the level of incompetence we’re seeing virtually every night. Add in the confrontational attitudes of too many men in blue and the problem s exacerbated. Reyburn compounded his bad calls by ejecting two Diamondbacks on Wednesday night, sending both the manager and the starting catcher to an early shower.

I’ve already taken a strong position as to the use of robo-umps for ball/strike calls. And make no mistake, it’s going to happen. There’s now a groundswell building in favor of this change taking place, and I believe it’s an inevitability. The only question is when it goes into effect. As far as I’m concerned, yesterday would be perfect timing.

I managed to earn +0.75 on a five-game Wednesday card. Nothing spectacular, but a win is a win. The Thursday getaway day slate looks thin, but I have yet to compile all my numbers. I’ll be waiting for lineup info before getting involved in any games I did, however, fire on one CFL game, and that will be my only play this week in that league.

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The Wednesday free play won easily as the Mets blew away the Marlins. My Thursday comp is on a Total, and be sure to check Twitter (@davecokin) or Facebook (Dave Cokin) for an update as to whether this becomes a personal service play.

YANKEES at WHITE SOX (Cessa/Shields)

Take: OVER 10.5

I’m expecting plenty of scoring in this series windup between the Yankees and Chisox.

The two starting pitchers are each probe to giving up the long ball, and Shields in particular an extreme fly ball pitcher. The weather forecast also comes into play as the wind conditions project to be hitter friendly. There is a chance of a thunderstorm rolling into the area, but as ling as they’re on the field, I like the offenses to own a nice advantage.

It’s a high number as it’s not like the oddsmakers don’t have the same info I do. But with two very hittable hurlers getting the start, I like the Over to get to the winner’s circle tonight.