Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/8/17

  • June 7, 2017

One of the hot topics vert the last couple of days has been whether this Golden State Warriors team is the best squad of all time.

I don’t know how to compare teams from different generations. All I can do is size them up against the competition they actually face. As far as that goes, good luck trying to make a case that any NBA team has ever been better than this Warriors outfit.

The finish of Game Three was simply amazing. Golden State was down six with just over three minutes to play. It looked like the 16-0 playoff perfecto was toast. So the Warriors go on an 11-0 rampage to finish the game, and for all intents and purposes the set and the match.

Personally, I’ll be hoping for a small miracle, which is that Cleveland wins Game Four. I’m not trying to be a spoiler in terms of fans getting to view something truly historic. I just happen to have bet Golden State to win in five, so I need the Cavs to find a way to force a trip back to Oakland.

Let’s just say I’m not real enthused about my chances.

I split my two Wednesday baseball games, winning a Total wager on the White Sox/Rays, and losing on yet another blown ninth inning lead, this time on the Twins. So a tiny +0.5 win in baseball, but I lost one unit on the Cavs 1Q/1H split unit.

My “Summer Special” is available through the end of June. I think I’m fairly well zoned in with the bases, in spite of two brutal ninth inning melts the last two nights. If you want in, this is a terrific package as you’ll be saving substantial dollars. Email me at for complete info on what’s included, as it’s WAY more than just my plays.

The Wednesday free play was a PGA win bet for this weekend, so no result there yet. Here’s one from the Thursday baseball slate for today’s comp.

MARLINS at PIRATES (Volquez-Cole)

Take: PIRATES -137

I have not yet played this, but will be taking some kind of stance on the Pirates in the morning. My only decision is whether to play just the first five inning option, a straight money line wager, or perhaps a -1 combo between the money line and the runs line. But I will be involved with the Pirates in some fashion.

This is more a play against the Marlins. Miami righty Edinson Volquez is in a potential bounce spot off his spectacular no-hitter. Additionally, Volquez has huge home/road splits with the far better numbers being accrued in games that took place in Miami.

As for Pittsburgh, let’s just Gerrit Cole is due for a good game. The Bucs top starter has been anything but recently. But, like Volquez, Cole has some pretty defined home/road splits this season with the bulk of the better performances taking place in Pittsburgh.

The downside here is that any wager on the Pirates right now means you also have to accept the likelihood of beleaguered manager Clint Hurdle screwing up the strategy in some way. But he can’t lose ’em all and I prefer the Pirates to come out on top today.

Update: Decided to take the bullpens out of the equation and played Pirates -0.5 for the first five innings.