Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 8/23/18

  • August 23, 2018

Urban Meyer will be sitting out the first three games of the upcoming Ohio State football season. I’ll leave the opinions as to whether it was too weak, too strong or just right to Twitter, Facebook and the various factions of the media to debate that aspect of the topic. I’ll stick to the football end only here.

The first two games on the Buckeyes schedule are walkovers against Oregon State and Rutgers. Anything is possible, of course, but it’s pretty difficult to envision Meyer’s absence impacting those two games.

But that third Ohio State game is a tougher challenge. Getting past TCU didn’t figure to be easy to begin with, as the Horned Frogs are a legit Top 25 team, and they should have at least a slight site advantage who the game being played at Arlington, Texas. That’s not a true home game for TCU, but I’d grade it as a home/neutral site edge.

I don’t really know how to input Meyer’s suspension into the Ohio State power ratings, so I’ll tell you that I made no change at all in my number for the Buckeyes.

What I do know is that Ohio State will have to overcome the distraction factor in this particular game. Meyer won’t be there, but the national media will be in very big way, and I would not be surprised if there’s an adverse effect on the Ohio State players and assistant coaches for this particular game. If you’re including intangibles into the handicapping equation, you have two choices here. You can look at no Meyer being a rallying point for the rest of the Buckeyes I tend to take the opposite view. I can see some rattle here.

Don’t chisel this opinion into granite just yet. I’m definitely going to want to watch the first two games to see if there’s anything to discern regarding the impact of the suspension. And getting a feel for whether a carnival atmosphere exists in the days leading up to the TCU game will absolutely be a big part of the eventual analysis. But my gut feeling as of now is that there’s a decent chance I’ll be buying the Horned Frogs to pull off an upset vs. the Meyer-less Buckeyes.

Nice 2-0 Wednesday with a pair of underdogs winning. The Rangers slowed down the A’s for one day and the rampaging Cardinals won yet again.

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I’m not a big believer in blindly following trends. But this one is too dominant to ignore and I’ll once again back it as it’s showing up on Thursday.

PADRES (Lucchesi) at ROCKIES (Freeland)

Take: UNDER F5

The first five inning Under option is on a ridiculous 25-2 run when Kyle Freeland starts at home for the Rockies. I’m in. I’ll play this game F5 Under once the number shows in the morning.