Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 1/22/19

  • January 21, 2019

I’ve completed my projections for the Super Bowl. My line is Rams -1.5. If this happened to be a regular season game, I can pretty well guarantee I’d be taking what I perceive as value with the Rams.

But there’s the rub. This is not a regular season game. I’ve always believed the NFL playoffs, and most especially the Super Bowl, are not about garnering value but simply handicapping the matchup correctly.

That is certainly the case for me on this year’s duel between the Rams and Patriots. I’m really not going to pay any attention whatsoever to my projected line. My goal here will be to match the teams up position by position, and then try to determine what the approach will be for each side.

I can’t say this methodology works every time, because it sure doesn’t. I’ve looked like a savant on some Super Bowl predictions and more like a blithering idiot on others.

Lots of work still to do on my end before arriving at a final decision, but once I do, I’ll post it here.

Let’s head right to the free play for Tuesday. I had an opinion on the LA Kings on the ice for Monday’s comp, and that won. Unfortunately I talked myself out of playing the Kings as a personal service selection. I was a bit worried about the Kings possibly checking out early as this was their final game util early February, with the All-Star break and their bye week coming up. Back to the hardwood for tonights’s game.