Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 1/8/19

  • January 7, 2019

Let the debate begin! I know where I’m weighing in on the discussion as to whether the national champion Clemson Tigers are the best college football team ever. In a word, yes.

Here’s my case for the Tigers. Prior to this season, my highest ever power rated college team was the Leinart-Bush USC entry going back a handful of years. That Trojans team got surpassed on my numbers by the Crimson Tide. But its important to note that Alabama was just a tick better than Clemson on those rankings and after last night’s slaughter, the Tigers moved atop my rundown, doing so with my highest finishing number in all the years I’ve tracked this stuff.

What’s downright scary is that next year’s Clemson is very possibly going to be even better than this year’s Clemson. Good luck to any team having to line up against this monster. They’re going to need it!

Clemson ended up as my only Monday play. That capped off a very profitable college football season. Everything is running really well presently, and I’ll strive to maintain the pace.

The new special is up at the Cokin’s Picks menu on this page. It’s one full month of all my plays and includes a guaranteed net profit of at least five units, with virtually all my plays being one unit each. Anything short of the +5 net, you stay on the books at no cost till that minimum profit level is attained. If anyone has a better guarantee, go for it. If you have questions, feel free to email me at

The Monday free opinion worked out as Fairfield crushed Niagara. As of now, I have just one play set for Tuesday, so this is another added opinion. The game just misses fitting as a play on my projections, and I’m angering very strictly to the set parameters on those. But a definite lean here.