Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 11/29/16

  • November 28, 2016

Blame it on the media.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is, it’s easy and convenient to simply assign fault to the media and let it go at that. This doesn’t apply to just news, it happens on a regular basis in sports as well.

Apparently there’s someone currently unidentified in the upper management of the Los Angeles Rams who isn’t happy with one particular media member. In this case, the media individual is not just some beat reporter who might be rubbing people the wrong way.

Eric Dickerson, who is probably the most popular ex-Rams player alive, hosts a radio show in LA. Dickerson has been a huge supporter of the team as it made the move back to the west coast, has been frustrated with some aspects of the team’s on-field performance and he hasn’t pulled many punches.

This apparently created a bit of a firestorm, as Dickerson revealed on his show that he was called by someone in what he termed “upper management” who reportedly told him he was no longer welcome on the team’s sidelines during games. Dickerson explained that this action was being taken because some players have become uncomfortable with his criticism.

Long story short, Rams COO Kevin Dernoff has subsequently tweeted that there must have been some kind of miscommunication and that Dickerson is certainly still welcome at the games. So this potential mountain has been reduced to a molehill.

Good ending to the story to be sure. But it’s still yet another example of how it’s simply taboo for one to speak his or her mind these days, as someone’s feelings might get hurt. And we certainly can’t have that, can we? Sheesh.

Mine is a business where there is going to be a certain level of frustration, and that lesson was learned more decades ago than I care to admit. But I gotta tell ya, losing my college basketball bet on Florida State on Monday night was tilt material. The ‘Noles were up 19 with about four minutes to play, and then it happened. FSU head coach Leonard Hamilton, an excellent teacher who happens to be an absolutely horrific game coach, worked his magic. He took the air out of the ball and stopped running any semblance of offense. In the process, not only did he cost me my bet, he actually let Minnesota back in the game. This was easily the most aggravating loss I’ve incurred in some time.

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Tulsa got rolling in the second half and ended up with the comfortable win over Oral Roberts as the Monday free play. Tonight’s comp is in the NHL, where I’ve been playing very sporadically, but I’ve got a game I like this evening.


Take: PREDATORS -135

At first glance, this line seems high, considering Nashville has won only two road games all season. But I like the chances of the Predators grabbing two points tonight as they challenge the Avalanche.

First off, the Preds have gotten hot. They’re on a 7-3 run over their last ten games, and two of the losses are the two games that goalie Pekka Rinne didn’t play. This is a good hockey team and after muddling their way through the early portion of the schedule, it definitely appears that the Predators are starting to get it together.

Colorado is a bad hockey team. The Avalanche are absolutely feeble on offense, having scored a meager 44 goals in 20 games to date. Goalie Calvin Pickard has actually been outstanding for the Avs and he’s basically keeping them in games when he gets the call. Pickard is already confirmed as the starter for this game. His presence worries me a bit, but very little else does about this Avalanche team.

But even with Pickard in goal, I prefer the Nashville side here. The Preds own a big special teams advantage based on recent form and they’re a team that sure looks like it’s heating up. Nashville pretty well dominated Colorado in the one prior meeting this season, and I would not be surprised to see a similar result tonight. I’ll spot the price on the money line with Nashville.