Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 1/31/17

  • January 30, 2017

Mohamed Sanu is a smart man.

Sanu, the talented Atlanta Falcons receiver, is reportedly the only Muslim player on either of the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl. Naturally, one of the first things he was asked on Monday regarded his thoughts on President Trump’s controversial temporary travel ban executive order issued over the weekend.

Sanu handled the situation perfectly. He indicated that he might be willing to express his feelings at another time. But this week he just wants to “focus on the game and talk about football.”

This did not stop reporters from asking Sanu several questions about the ban, but no one should have a problem with the questions being asked. It’s the job of the media to at least ask the right questions.

But now that Sanu has made it clear that he does not want to be a distraction to his team’s goal, and also wants to keep his concentration on the task any hand, his position needs to be respected. Here’s hoping the mass of media on the scene in Houston will do exactly that.

I ended up making one play on Monday, and Siena came through with a nice win at Quinnipiac.

The daily pros vs. joes reports continue to on target in zeroing in on the games attracting legitimate sharp money and once again those games did very well on Monday. These are not my plays, but I’ll stack the info I get from my sources up against anyone as far as separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of where the pro dough is showing. If you want this information on a daily basis, email me at and I’ll provide a couple of options, neither of which is expensive.

I had no free play on Monday, and promised a make good with an extra free play on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Looks like that bonus comp will be on Wednesday. Here’s today’s freebie.



One thing certain, and that is that a play on either side of this game is a play on a bad basketball team. Both Manhattan and Fairfield are suffering through highly disappointing campaigns. But I do think there’s a right side in tonight’s clash, and that’s the Jaspers.

Manhattan is deeply flawed, as they can’t shoot, don’t defend all that well, and the Jaspers are very prone to turnovers. But the same can pretty much be said right down the line for Fairfield as well.

I broke down this game with head to head comparisons in several categories. In doing so, I arrived at the conclusion that Fairfield should probably be trying to get the ball to the rim more frequently than they do. When the Stags get inside looks, they’re really not bad offensively. But for whatever reason, that is just not something Fairfield is apparently willing to do. The Stags have the highest ratio in the MAAC on three point attempts.

I really see this as more of a tossup than the power ranking projections suggest, and it appears the oddsmakers do as well based on where this line has been set. Since I’m expecting a tight game, grabbing more than one possession with Manhattan makes some sense to me.