Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 2/12/19

  • February 12, 2019

Quick take. Keep an eye on the Edmonton Oilers in their next game. The Oilers have a tough assignment as they’re visiting Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

Edmonton head coach Ken Hitchcock verbally lambasted the team following its most recent loss. This is nit the first time Hitch has gone this route. He got a good one-game response the last time he tried it. I’m not so sure the timing was right this time.

I’m not recommending a play on the Penguins in this game. I am recommending that you take a look at the focus the Oilers display. If they again show up in a lethargic state, the Oilers might be close to auto-fade material. I think this team’s psyche is extremely fragile present and we could be own the verge of a towel toss for the rest of the season. Stay tuned!

I passed the Monday action, but am back at it tonight with three college hoop plays. The hockey will be determined in the morning. Here’s one o the trio as today’s free play.


Take: NIU -2.5

This season is turning into an absolute disaster for Western Michigan. The Broncos are still winless in the MAC. It also looks like the team is starting to just call it quits once they get down. They’re 0-10 in league play and the closet they’ve come in any game is five points. Head coach Steve Hawkins has been running the program since 2003 but his contract runs out after next season and I’m starting to wonder if he’s around to finish the contract. Crowds have been very sparse for the home games and that’s never a good sign. On the NIU side, they should have some fire here off three straight MAC losses. I do not know the status of Eugene German, their lead guard. He was suspended for the game over the weekend and no word on the duration of this suspension. If he’s out again, this gets tougher. But the flip side is that if German returns, this line is an absolute bargain. Either way, I’m okay going against WMU and I’l therefore lay it here with Northern Illinois.