Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 2/5/19

  • February 4, 2019

This is odd! February is the time of the college basketball season where my volume really picks up. I’m sure that will again be the case this year. But Tuesday is one of those rare February evenings where not a single game fits on the late season stuff I focus on utilizing.

The good news is that I get a day off from doing any game write-ups, which can get a bit tedious at times. I’m not going to do some fake analysis to sell a game I don’t really have a great deal of faith in. Better to just take the day off.

Monday was 1-0 on the hardwood with Marist, and 0-1 on the ice with an aggravating loss os the +165 Coyotes. No harm, no foul and big slates in hoops on both Wednesday and Thursday to sink my teeth into.

I have three leans on Tuesday, albeit no actual plays. Since I am not posting any of these online and they’re not personal service plays, I’ll list them here. I would suggest no more than a half unit on any of these if you choose to follow along.

621 Valparaiso +7.5

634 Tennessee -17

641 Utah Stare -1

Good luck and back on Wednesday.