Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 3/21/17

  • March 21, 2017

This was going to be NL Central preview day, but I have to rant on something, so I’ll postpone that report for another day.

I’m all for experimenting with rule changes that might enhance any game. For instance, I think I like the college hoop rules that are being used in this year’s NIT. I understand there’s hardly unanimous consent on this, but that’s okay.

What isn’t okay is a stupid gimmick that almost everybody seems to hate. Welcome to this utterly ridiculous extra inning joke of a rule that we’re witnessing in the WBC. If the game gets to the 11th inning, the last two hitters from the prior inning are placed at first and second base to start the new frame. There are no words strong enough to describe my exasperation with this lunacy. I have yet to talk to even one individual who likes this rule. Please, make it go away immediately and never ever consider using this in a Major League Baseball game.

Here’s an idea, MLB. Stop screwing around with the game in an effort to speed it up. Baseball isn’t designed to be played at a breakneck pace. It’s a cerebral game with loads of nuance, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If MLB feels it needs to make some changes to attract new viewers, try marketing the game better to the millennials. Step one? Lose the goddam blackouts. Now. Today. This bleeping minute. If your marketing geniuses don’t comprehend the simple fact that you cannot possibly benefit from anything that insures LESS eyes watching, they’re flat out morons.

In case you’re not aware, if there’s a game on MLB Network and you happen to live in a designated home market for EITHER of the teams involved, the game is blacked out. Believe it or not, this even extends to exhibition games! No kidding, MLB Network actually blacks out exhibition games. So unless you’re able to get the game on a regional sports network, you’re outta luck. That’s dumb. No, I’m wrong. It’s mind-numbing stupidity.

I don’t mean to go berserk on this topic. But anyone who cannot grasp the astonishingly simple concept that exposure builds audiences and lack of same has the completely opposite effect is an idiot.

My Monday started off horribly with two baseball losers and a 17-1 deficit at the start of the Central Florida-Illinois State game. Then just about everything went right. I ended up winning the UCF game, got Illinois and the Edmonton Oilers home and somehow got out of the day with a tiny net profit. Considering the way things looked early on, I’m thrilled with how they finished.

Get the March Madness deal, which is good for a full 30 days of action in all my sports, by utilizing the drop down menu on this game. The subscription includes the daily Pros vs. Joes reports as well, and that info was really spot on last night. Any questions or a desire for more detailed info, just email me directly at

Good job by the Oilers as the Monday free play. They scored a very quick goal, and that turned out to be all that was needed as Edmonton shut out the reeling Los Angeles Kings. As for Tuesday, it’s currently a blank. I have no plays sent out aside from a Sweet 16 selection on Wisconsin-Florida. So today’s free play is strictly an added opinion this is not currently on my personal service card.


Take: MAVERICKS +4.5

It’s never easy to fade Golden State, but I’ll take that chance here. The Warriors were revved up to face the Thunder last night, and I suspect they will be in rest mode tonight at Dallas. I have no info as to whether anyone will bet the night off, but I would be surprised if the stars log their usual minutes.

Golden State has been a pretty bad spread team this season when playing the second of back to back games. The Warriors are only 4-10 ATS in that scenario this year. I would expect Dallas to simply be more excited about this particular game. Apparently the oddsmakers feel the same way, as this spread is very low and it looks really easy to play the powerhouse here. I’ll opt for the underdog. Note once again this is not a personal service play, just an opinion, but my choice here would be the Mavericks plus the points.