Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 3/28/17

  • March 28, 2017

It’s official. Las Vegas is now going to be home to a National Football League franchise. The votes have been tallied, and with 31 of 32 owners approving the move, the Las Vegas Raiders are now a reality. The franchise will likely have to play the next couple of seasons as a lame duck in Oakland, and that’s not a great thing.

I’ve been a longtime proponent of a new state of the art stadium in this city, and with the transformation of Las Vegas from a gambling mecca to an entertainment and event destination, the fact is this new stadium is a necessity rather than a luxury. The Raiders absolutely got the best deal ever for a pro sports franchise, no argument there. But I think it’s a huge win-win for both the football team and the city I call home.

No doubt about it, we’re entering another new era here in the desert and I couldn’t be more excited.

3-0 +3.1 on the diamond on Monday, and a ridiculous push on the Dallas NBA side. The Mavericks led this game 91-78 with a small handful of minutes remaining. They never scored another point and ended up choking their way to a 92-91 loss. At least I got away with the push, and the overall day was outstanding.

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Tonight’s free play is in the NHL on a favorite that seems bargain priced to me.


Take: 66 OILERS -125

I really don’t get the Oilers being this price, to me it should be -140. LA is done. The Kings are now 11 points out of the wild card and their offense has been nonexistent. Outside of the third period explosion against the porous Winnipeg defense, the Kings have not scored more than two goals in a game since March 11.

This is a tired hockey team and I think the reality that a great era is coming to a close is sinking in.

Edmonton is still very much alive to win its division and they’re just flat out better than the Kings at this point. Line seems trappy actually,  and I’m sure the wagering public will be firing on Edmonton. So will I as I’m rolling with the Oilers here.