Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/14/19

  • May 14, 2019

There’s a long way to go before the finish line is even in sight. But the Oakland Athletics managed to get over the first hurdle in the journey they hope results in a new stadium and continued residency in Oakland.

The A’s now have four years to complete an environmental impact report for a proposal to build a new stadium on land at Howard Terminal. I’m not from Oakland and have zero familiarity with the city. But it at least sounds like an ideal location for a brand new ballpark.

Here’s hoping this gets done, even if takes a good number of years before the project is completed. Simply stated, this is it for big league baseball in Oakland. There has to be a new park or the franchise has to move. Given that the Raiders and Warriors are leaving for Las Vegas and San Francisco, and the NHL departed the premises decades ago, the A’s are all that stands between the city losing its status as even a one-sport major league locale.

Next up, it’s the Tampa Bay Rays. Personally, I’d like to see MLB as an entity pay off the lease and get the franchise to Montreal. It’s a better fit geographically and quite frankly, it’s a vastly superior sports city. I’m not sure the Rays will ever catch on with the locals. The Trop is terrible to be sure, both from a location and aesthetics standpoint. But this team has never drawn regardless of their level of proficiency and I personally think they need to be playing someplace else.

Lots of good results recently but I had to settle for a split snd a small loss on Monday. The Blues were winners on the ice, but the Twins fell short on the diamond. Odd game for Minnesota, as they went 0/10 with runners in scoring position, Jose Berrios had a rare bad outing at home and the Twins lost for just the fifth time in 25 games where they got on the scoreboard first. Not to dwell on the one result, but I thought manager Rocco Baldelli went too long with Berrios and should have chosen another option with the score tied 4-4 after five innings. On to Tuesday.

I’m going the Over/Under route for the Tuesday free play. This will be a First Five innings play. I’m going almost exclusively the F5 route on any O/U plays to take the erratic bullpens that are so prevalent out of the mix. This one will be a very low number, but I believe the starting pitchers each have an excellent chance to thrive on Tuesday night.

RAYS (Morton) at MARLINS (Smith)

Take: F5 UNDER (probably 3.5)