Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/28/19

  • May 28, 2019

Cody Bellinger put on another terrific show on Monday night as the Dodgers got the win at home against the Mets.

At least I think he did. All I got to see was a couple highlights. That’s because Major League Baseball continues to insist on keeping this utterly stupid ho e market blackout rule in place.

There’s not way to describe this action as anything other than idiotic. We live in an age where garnering as many eyes as possible is the best thing anyone can do for their brand. MLB can’t seem to to grasp this very simple concept. Don’t ask me why.

The Monday free play published here was a push as the Royals and White Sox finally suspended the action shortly after the Chisox tied the game in the bottom of the fifth. Kind of a tough push as the Royals needed only two more outs to get through five up 2-1, but it wasn’t meant to be. In any event, a push beats a loss, so no damage done.

Today’s comp is a F5 selection. There is simply no way for me to even consider a full game play on the Nationals given the state of their incredibly awful bullpen. But the starting pitching remains outstanding, and I’ll back a very sharp Stephen Strasburg to win the first half of tonight’s game.

NATIONALS (Strasburg) at BRAVES (Fried)

Take: NATIONALS F5 -110