Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/29/18

  • May 28, 2018

So that wasn’t too exciting, was it? If Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals is a harbinger of things to come, my head might explode.

The opener of the Capitals-Golden Knights battle for the best trophy on the planet was absolutely incredible. Huge momentum swings, massive hits, one thrill after another for virtually the entire sixty minutes. I honestly don’t know how it can get any better, as this game was just amazing.

Meanwhile, there was a Game Seven in the NBA and I honestly barely paid even scant attention to it. Believe me, I’m not trying to criticize anyone who finds the prospect of yet another Warriors-Cavaliers title series to be awesome stuff, but for me, it’s kind of a yawn. I know I’m supposed to be revved up for another round of this rivalry, but I’m not. Maybe it’s the fact the Warriors are -1000 and soaring. I prefer sitting in on a title series where I can make a case for either team and can expect some genuine excitement. Maybe this series delivers, but the odds say it doesn’t.

But it’s still wide open between the Caps and Golden Knights. Vegas is a bigger favorite than they were prior to winning the opener, but the odds are still very competitive and it’s sure looking like a series that is going to be an epic battle all the way. I know I’m biased as I’ve always liked the NHL more than the NBA, but if there are any more head to head battles on TV, I know what I’ll be watching.

I split on Monday, getting blown out with the Pirates but capturing a very exciting 6- extra inning win with the Rockies. Season to date bottom line is +29.6 net units, and I’d sure like to cross that +30 plateau this evening. One play as of now, and perhaps an add or two in the morning.

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That Rockies walkoff was nice as it also made the Monday free play a winner. Here’s an early opinion on the Tuesday slate. I’ll update on Twitter (@davecokin) if this ends up as a personal service play for subscribers.

NATIONALS (Hellickson) at ORIOLES (Bundy)

Take: ORIOLES -110

There aren’t many spots when I want to even consider the Orioles. The one exception is when Dylan Bundy takes the mound. Bundy had a few bumps in the road earlier where he misplaced his fastball command and was basically reduced to his excellent slider and not much else. Bundy has looked much sharper lately though and as is actually often the case, even a bad team like the Birds seems to play with more focus and energy when their ace is on the mound.

This is no walk in the park by any means for Baltimore. Jeremy Hellickson is turning out to be a terrific bargain basement pickup for the Nationals. The veteran righty is now just a five or six inning type, but all he’s done thus far is give his tram a chance to win every time he takes the mound.

The key to this one might well be determined on how well Bundy avoids getting tagged by doing balls. Bundy can get down the middle at times with the heater and Washington certainly has the big bats to exploit that vulnerability. But I really like the way Bundy is throwing of late and I give him a good chance at limiting the Nats tonight. As of now, it’s a lean to the Orioles with the possibility of it being more than that if the market cooperates.