Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/7/19

  • May 6, 2019

Immediately following the officiating fiasco that was the catalyst for the Vegas Golden Knights epic collapse at San Jose, I offered the opinion that the NHL should not wait even one day to make a rule change regarding what’s reviewable and what’s not.

Needless to day, the league did nothing. And as a result, what was a rather obvious major penalty in Monday’s game between Boston and Columbus resulted in just a two-minute minor to Charlie McAvoy.

The Bruins defenseman clearly went shoulder up to the head of a Columbus player. There is no question in my mind this is a major penalty if the referees have the ability to conduct a review. In fact, I would think there’s a very good chance McAvoy will draw a one-game suspension for the hit once it’s reviewed by league officials.

I just cannot for the life of my comprehend why a change wasn’t instituted immediately following the outrageously awful call in the Knights-Sharks Game Seven. What took place in terms of what I (and most everyone I know) saw in the Bruins-Blue Jackets game was similarly egregious. But you can bet your bottom dollar the nitwits in charge won’t address the situation. They’re consistent in their incompetence, and that’s about it.

By the way, this is no sour grapes rant. I had the Bruins last night and the call benefited me in a big way.

2-0 on Monday with the aforementioned Bruins plus the Twins on the diamond. I am not liking much on the Tuesday schedule, so I’ll look a little further down the road for today’s free play.



Estimated line here is roughly -150. My take is that while the Hurricanes have been a great playoff story thus far, I can see them being in over their heads here. The Bruins first line is getting very hot and Boston will enjoy an advantage in goal with Rask rolling. I really feel as though the Bruins are closer to 2:1 here and if the number is in the -150 neighborhood, that’s going to be very playable.