Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/8/18

  • May 7, 2018

I can’t believe this all took place 30 years ago. It’s the anniversary of the infamous official’s boycott of a playoff game between the Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils. Two days earlier, following a blowout loss, Devils head coach Jim Schoenfeld went absolutely ballistic in a confrontation with referee Don Koharski.

It’s still my favorite sound bite of all time. Plenty of bleeps at the start but no edits necessary on the highlights, as Schoenfeld called Koharski a “fat pig” and loudly suggested he “have another doughnut.”

This is why I enjoy Twitter so much. I hadn’t thought about this incident for years. But someone tweeted something about it late Monday evening and the memory of what took place was immediately rekindled.

It really is worth seeing for those who have never done so, or perhaps have forgotten just how awesome the scene was. Just search “have another doughnut” and you’ll be able to watch and enjoy. I know I still laughed as hard tonight recapturing the moment as I did three decades ago.

The baseball continues to be very strong. 2-0 Monday with the Phillies and Nationals -1 play each delivering, MLB ’18 net profits are now at about 18 units, and the intention is keep adding as the campaign progresses.

I have only one game as of now for Tuesday (not the free play on this page). For information on what you receive by purchasing any of the available subscriptions to the right of the page at Cokin’s Picks, simply email me at

Good result on the Monday free play as the Nationals took care of business against the Padres, My Tuesday comp is just an added opinion as I have only one play as of now and it’s not this one.


Take: ROCKETS -12

Quick analysis here as it’s not a complicated opinion for me. The Utah Jazz have gone as far as they have by playing tough, physical ball. I think it’s far to say the team overachieved to some extent this season. I don’t see the Jazz just rolling over in Game Five at Houston. But the handwriting is on the wall and I suspect Utah is going to eventually get run out tonight. Don’t be surprised to see the visitors hang tough for a half. But down the stretch, I can see this getting lopsided and therefore would lean to the Rockets even laying this many points.