Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/6/17

  • June 5, 2017

I’ve been behind the microphone continuously for what is now 30 years. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some major sports celebrities, a few movie stars, and even a presidential candidate, who in fact went on to win.

But the most bizarre on-air conversation I have ever had is unquestionably an extremely uncomfortable session with an individual I thought to be completely out of his bleeping mind. It remains the only time in three decades of doing this that I ever sat speechless after one particular exchange, and I ended the interview at that point.

The reason I concluded the conversation was that the guest informed me, and the entire audience, that once his career was over he was resolved to take drastic action. The guest stated that if opening a gym didn’t work out, he would probably “off” himself.

I decided at that point I was talking with a complete nut job and I just wanted him way the blank out of my studio.

Chalk one up for me in terms of exercising good judgment and nailing it as far as this guy being a wacko.

The individual in question was Jon Koppenhaver, otherwise known as War Machine in the world of MMA.

Koppenhaver was sentenced to life in prison yesterday, convicted of 29 felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from his attacks on his ex-girlfriend and her male companion.

Clearly, this was a guy who had pretty much all his screws loose long before this attack and subsequent trial. Whether he could have gotten help and straightened out his mind is something I guess we’ll never know. The fact he’s gone for at least 36 years before becoming eligible for parole is good news.

Okay Monday here with a 2-1 baseball result, and I’m already involved in a couple of Tuesday games. For info on my “Summer Special” shoot me an email at and I’ll explain how everything works.

No sweat on the Monday free play as the Phillies blew up the apparently shot Bartolo Colon, and that game with the Braves got Over the number early. I’m going back to that same well tonight, only with a different outcome projected.

PHILLIES at BRAVES (Nola/Garcia)

Take: UNDER 8.5 +100

Perhaps a rare pitching duel at this new launching pad tonight as Aaron Nola takes on Jaime Garcia. These are each extreme ground ball pitchers, so they’re far superior fits for this stadium than those who surrender lots of fly balls.

Nola has been shaky for the Phillies, but I think he should be able to do okay against this lineup. Garcia has gotten into a very nice groove recently, and he has a longterm success record when he’s healthy.

The Phillies are also absolutely terrible against lefties on the road, with a .179 BA for the season, and averaging less than three runs per nine innings. The oddsmakers have adjusted the number downward for this matchup and I think with good reason. I’ll go Under Phillies-Braves.