Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/20/17

  • June 19, 2017

Quick blog today, with just the Monday recap and the Tuesday free play. I’ll return on Wednesday with some baseball notes which everyone will hopefully find interesting.

Monday was a wash at 1-1-1, and while I’d rather have a plus day, I’ve never been bothered much by splitting out unless there was some really rough luck. None of that on Monday, and in fact the push was pretty fortunate.

Fast plug for the Summer Special. All my plays, the daily pros vs. joes reports (3-0 on those on Monday) plus my line projections for each game. That’s a good personal service package, so take advantage. More info available via email, and you can reach me at

Good win by the Mariners as the Monday free play. I’m right back at Safeco for another bet on that side tonight.

TIGERS at MARINERS (Zimmermann vs. Miranda)


I’m creating a -1 line here by splitting my wager between the money line and runs line. ML is right around -145, RL is about +145.

Jordan Zimmermann has gotten it together for the Tigers. But aside from that cautionary note, there’s nothing else I can see here as a good reason not to again go against the Tigers.

Detroit is in turmoil right now, and I really can’t see how Brad Ausmus will be managing the team much longer. There is reportedly a poor clubhouse atmosphere and I don’t think that’s just idol gossip.

The walkoff win a few days ago vs. the Rays was revealing. Cabrera bombs one out to win the game, but you’d have never known it the way he rounded the bases. I also noticed what to me was a clearly irritated Cabrera in Sunday’s game. The Tiger pitcher kept throwing to first in one sequence, and Cabrera glared into the dugout at one point, and looked totally aggravated.

Seattle has lefty Ariel Miranda on the mound and there’s always a concern over his control lapses. But for whatever reason, those issues have been arising on the road and not at Safeco, where Miranda has been outstanding for the most part.

The bottom line here is that Tigers are in fade mode right now, and that’s what I’ll do again here with the play on the Mariners.