Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/21/18

  • August 21, 2018

Quick tip for those who might want a little good handicapping advice for the brand new college football season. Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark.

There’s so much good information available on a regular basis for virtually every FBS school. Local newspapers, school newspapers, Twitter, etc.

I remember the days when garnering good info was a truly arduous task. That’s simply not the case anymore. If you’re not reading the articles, you’re not maximizing your potential edge. It’s as simple as that.

Do the homework and reap the rewards for your labor. Best advice I can give anyone and everyone hoping to enjoy a winning college football season. Good luck!

Yet another split for me on Monday. Too many of those lately for my liking. At least this one produced a decent profit as the winner was a generously priced underdog call on the Cardinals. I missed with the runs line play on the Astros. Small profit, but every little bit counts.

Week Zero features two college games, which is why it’s referred to as Week Zero. I’m playing both games. One is the daily free play below, the other has already been sent as well to my subscribers. The packages are available at Cokin’s Picks to the right of the page, and you can email me anytime at for more info.

Okay, let’s head to the college gridiron for a play on one of the Saturday kickoff matchups.


Take: UNDER 58

Lots of what I consider to be meaningful info to share here, with the result being a strong opinion. First, we have a Hawaii entry that is going back to the run and shoot offense. I think this could be effective for them down the road. But it’s a precision scheme that figures to have some rough spots early. I would expect the Hawaii offense to have trouble sustaining drives in this game. Colorado State also appears to be lacking on the offensive side. They lost some legit talent at the skill positions. Something I consider key is that in an intrasquad scrimmage the CSU defense shut out the offense. That rarely happens in those deals, and I think it’s a key point in this analysis. No way to handicap short fields off turnovers or special teams scores. But in terms of the offense vs. defense matchup here on both sides, I see the two defenses with decided advantages as I don’t like either attack out of the starting gate. I’m seeing this O/U inflated from where it ought to be and I will go with Hawaii-CSU to stay Under the number.