Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/1/17

  • August 1, 2017

The non-waiver trade deadline has passed, so it’s time to size up the prospective winners and losers.

The list of teams improving themselves is lengthy. So I decided to just focus on the teams I don’t feel did a good job at the deadlines and could ending up paying the price in the process.

I’m really surprised the Astros didn’t go hard after a couple of pitching pieces. The rotation is frayed right now and I’ve never been particularly enamored with the Houston bullpen. The ‘Stros are built for 162 games, and they’re the best regular season entry in the American League. I think they’re vulnerable once the playoffs get underway.

The Mariners are very much in the wild card chase. But I have them on the outside looking in as far as the playoffs are concerned, and I’m a little surprised this team didn’t make a push to get a starting pitcher.

The Diamondbacks are the lead wild card as of now in the National league. But they’re far from locked into that spot. I thought the Snakes would go after an infield bat considering the injury situation that’s now in play. This team is suddenly very shaky up the middle. While there was little chance Arizona was going to land a second big fish after scoring JD Martinez, I felt they needed to fortify at either 2B or SS, and they did neither. Time will tell if this ends up costing the Diamondbacks.

The Red Sox were the favorites to win the AL East prior to the start of the season, and remained so until the Yankees started making major moves. The Red Sox are getting a boost offensively with the promotion of Rafael Devers, and I suppose Addison Reed can help setup Craig Kimbrel. But with Dave Dombrowski yet again following his predictable pattern of disdaining prospects and overpaying for veterans, Boston was left with almost no chips at the deadline. In the process, they might well have cost themselves the division.

I missed with the Indians on Monday but got a nice payoff with Oakland -1 in a late game. No problem with the split.

I’be already played one CFL game, and it’s a matchup I like quite a bit. 8-0 current run in the CFL, also the confidence level is sky high right now.

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Good work buy the A’s as the Monday free play. July was an excellent month on the daily comps. Let’s see about starting August off the right way as well.

CARDINALS (Martinez) at BREWERS (Nelson)

Take: BREWERS -118

Quick take on this game. Carlos Martinez has top of the rotation stuff to be sure. But for whatever reason, the Cardinals righty hasn’t been sharp for some time now. Aside from one good outing at Pittsburgh, most of the recent Martinez starts just haven’t been very good.

Jimmy Nelson has realized his potential this season for the Brewers. Nelson might not be getting the big time publicity nationally, but the Milwaukee right-hander has put together a very nice season snd Nelson has been terrific at home.

I think the Brewers are a bit underpriced here, as I projected this number more in the -130 range. Getting a little value with Milwaukee isn’t a bad deal, so I’m making the Brewers my Tuesday free play.