Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 1/2/19

  • January 2, 2019

A fee days ago, I expressed an opinion here that Notre Dame was rightfully deserving of a spot in the four-team college football playoff. Consider that viewpoint now validated.

If you’re asking me whether or not I thought the Fighting Irish were actually one of the four best teams, my answer was that they were not. But based on the criteria used to select the participants, Notre Dame belonged and Georgia did not.

The Bulldogs had a chance to make a statement last night in their Sugar Bowl matchup with Texas. Sure it was a potential flat spot off the demoralizing loss to Alabama in the SEC title game and then getting left out of the playoffs.

But the bottom line is that a great team would have responded with a big effort to send a message they belonged. Instead, Georgia was outplayed throughout the game and lost by a wider margin than the 24-17 final score indicated.

Case closed.

I split my two New Year’s Day Bowl games, winning with LSU and losing with Mississippi State. But thanks to a very impressive effort by St. John’s, my 2019 got out of the gate the right way with a profitable 2-1 result. The bowls ended up 12-6 for mat subscribers, so that was okay and I’ll hopefully finish off what has been a very nice season with one more winner on Clemson-Alabama.

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Excellent effort by St. John’s as the Tuesday free play, Today’s comp is an added opinion at this point and not a personal service play at this juncture. If that changes I’ll note so on Twitter (@davecokin).