Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 1/30/19

  • January 29, 2019

For a rivalry battle, it wasn’t much of a battle. Nevada came south and demolished UNLV last night by a misleading 87-70 score. Anyone who watched the game knows it wasn’t that close.

It’s not like there was much chance going in that the Rebels had a real shot to beat the Wolf Pack. That’s not an insult to UNLV. The reality is that Nevada is a powerhouse that has a legit chance to be one of the last teams standing come March Madness.

But the way the game unfolded was discouraging for UNLV fans. As has been the case on a very regular basis, the offense was a mass of confusion in the first half. The Rebels could not figure a way to get many good looks and consistently settled for well guarded three point attempts. Meanwhile, the Wolf Pack were solving the UNLV defense with ease on a very frequent basis.

Long story short, this game displayed how great the difference is between the two programs at this point in time. The good news is the Fremont Cannon is still painted a very attractive shade of red.

I got the right side of a shootout in the NHL with the Jets beating the Bruins as +155 dogs. The hoops were anywhere from 1-1 to 0-1-1 or 0-2 depending on when the Missouri State play was bet. I sent it out at Pk, it closed all the way up to -3.5. In any event the trend continues. Close game are losses in basketball, nearly all the wins are easy. Fortunately, the hockey is still rolling along.

I’ll have an unusually deep card in hoops on Wednesday, with four games already having been played. Here’s one of them.


Take: CREIGHTON -4.5

Getting some very negative vibes about St. John’s. They were not good at all against Georgetown and the post game commentary from the players indicates to me there might be a chemistry issue with this team. That does not bode well for them traveling all the way to Omaha. Creighton has the revenge motive. But what I like most is that Krampeij is off his best game of the season. He was a major force last year before getting hurt, and getting back to that form hadn’t really happened until recently. Krampeij might not be a next level prospect but he’s a difference maker on this team. This has the look of go with vs. go against and I like Creighton to win this by a pretty good margin.