Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 1/9/19

  • January 8, 2019

Kliff Kingsbury is the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Thus ends the Kingsbury regime as offensive coordinator at USC.

The Kingsbury hire means two things to me right off the bat. One is that USC can’t seem to do anything right with its football program. The entire PAC-12 is suffering through hard times, but it’s getting downright embarrassing at USC.

As for the Cardinals opting for a head coach who couldn’t win consistently at Texas Tech, make no mistake. This had ZERO to do with Kingsbury’s ledger at Lubbock. It had everything to do with Patrick Mahomes. The Cardinals are hoping that Kingsbury will be able to work similar magic as he did with Mahomes, as he tries to get Josh Rosen on the right track.

The honeymoon grace period figures to be at least a couple of years for Kingsbury. The Cardinals do not have a good roster and there’s not much likelihood they’re going to even be close to contending next season. The hope for them is that he can get Rosen straightened out after a very rocky rookie season. While all the first year guys had some level of inconsistency, which is to be expected, there are already some serious questions about Rosen’s ceiling. It’s up to Kingsbury to generate some real improvement, or the smart money will be on the Cardinals going QB hunting once again in the 2020 draft.

My first wrong way donut of 2019 on Tuesday. 0-2 with Ball State failing on the hoops side and getting greedy costing me in the NHL. I opted to try a three-team money line parlay and came up empty thanks to kind of a tough luck loss by what had been a red hot Islanders team. Rapid rebound time tonight.

Quick note on the +5 guarantee special currently available at Cokin’s Picks. You might be able to access the link to purchase the package. or you might not. My web guy is going to rebuild the page to get everything working right. But in the event you click on the special and get an error page, just shoot me an email at and I’ll provide simply instructions on how to get the transaction done.

Free plays have been producing nicely for the most part but Loyola Chicago was a no show last night and that one never had a chance. Tonight’s comp is an added opinion for now but I might be adding this as a selection in the morning after getting some updated info.


Take: RICHMOND +1.5

I won with Dayton on Sunday as they shredded the Spiders, That was a really horrible matchup for Richmond as the Flyers are a zone defense team and Richmond doesn’t;t have a zone offense, to put it somewhat simply. The Rams won’t present the same problem. I’m also not yet sold on Cox as a head coach. He’s really frantic on the sidelines and I’m generally not wild about that type of coach. The team isn’t going to show any poise if the coach doesn’t. Pretty good bounce spot for the Spiders, even though this is clearly not one of Chris Mooney’s better entries at Richmond.