Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 11/23/16

  • November 23, 2016

It’s official. Our new NHL franchise is the Golden Knights, and the logo looks terrific. Like most hockey fans here in the desert, I’m really looking forward to next season and this team’s debut.

I do have one complaint, however. It’s fine if tourists refer to us as “Vegas”, but those of who live here much prefer “Las Vegas”. It’s similar to the beefs we have who pronounce the state “Nev-aah-da”.

So while it’s admittedly being a little picky, I’ll hope the powers that be kick “Vegas Golden Knights” to the curb in favor of “Las Vegas Golden Knights”.

No huge deal if they don’t, but they should ask around on this matter for input from locals. Just my two cents.

A nondescript 2-2-1 on Tuesday, with all five plays in college basketball. I’ve got two I’m on today, with one of those being the daily free play, and I’ll likely add another piece or two during the day.

Also, I’ll mention that I’ve decided to go ahead and send out my College Football Game of the Year. This is a two-unit play for me personally. My clients already have the game. It will also be sold at the websites that feature me, but I probably won’t post it at any of those until late Thursday, or perhaps even early Friday.

That game is included in my November Special, which gets subscribers all my plays, no extra fees for big games or anything like that. It’s a full 30 days and can be purchased via the dropdown menu on this page. For more detailed info, drop me a line via email at

Hey, an overtime winner on Tuesday with the free play on Eastern Kentucky. Let’s hope no extra time is necessary with today’s comp in college basketball

795 RIDER at 796 FORDHAM

Take: FORDHAM -6

Jeff Neubauer doesn’t get much ink, but this guy is a terrific basketball coach. I think he’s a good possibility to start getting mentioned as a candidate for a bigger gig if he continues to build this Fordham squad.

Neubauer had a very nice run at Eastern Kentucky, but what he’s already accomplished with the Rams is downright amazing. Fordham has been a mostly terrible program for many years, but Neubauer coached them to 17 wins last season and they even got into one of the lesser post-season events.

The Rams are probably still going to struggle to be .500 in the rugged A-10, and the turnover issues from a year ago are still a problem. But they play fierce defense with lots of pressing and poor shooting opponents will have their hands full with this outfit.

Rider is one of those poor shooting opponents. The Broncs were one of the least accurate teams in the country on threes last season, and so far this year they’re at a pathetic 22%. For that reason, Rider tries to avoid long range shots as much as possible. If they can beat the press, the Broncs will get some easy baskets as the Fordham interior isn’t very good.

But I would expect the Rams to force a good number of turnovers here as Rider doesn’t take great care of the ball and they guard play just isn’t that good. Fordham is the nuts from the free throw line, and in tandem with Rider’s weakness from outside, there’s a very good chance the Rams extend late if they’re ahead. I’ll lay it in this day game with Fordham.