Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 1/27/16

  • January 27, 2016

I’m always a bit amused with complaints from celebrities about their perceived lack of privacy. My attitude has always been, if you don’t want the attention, find a different line of work. Granted, there are times when “fans” go a bit over the top, and I suppose that’s a nuisance. But when factoring in the perks, it’s not to tough to take.

One person who should never, and I mean ever, complain about the trappings of celebrity status is Tampa Bay Bucs QB Jameis Winston. The settlement of the lawsuit brought by the Florida State student who claimed she was raped by Winston came down on Monday.

The settlement was for $950, 000. The legal fees on the Winston side were $1.7 million. The Seminole Boosters are picking up all but $400, 000 of the legal fees. The state’s Risk Management Fund will apparently pay the remainder of the legal fees as well as the entire settlement.

Unless I’m missing something, Winston, the alleged offender in this Title IX lawsuit, is on the hook for zero.

I understand how this all worked from a legal standpoint, and the system is what the system is. But I don’t see much justice here. And I’d bet my bottom dollar that if it’s not the superstar QB involved, the booster club is kicking in nothing.

No loss of funds, no suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodall because the alleged incident took place before Winston was in the NFL (I assume that’s the way it works). Basically, a free pass on all counts because the guy can throw a football. What a joke.


-1.2 on Tuesday, with the killer the end game disaster by Tennessee. The Volunteers led 55-47 with four minutes remaining. They were outscored 16-2 at the end of the game, thanks mostly to some of the dumbest offense one will ever see. That’s now four losses already this season for Tennessee in games that they seemingly had under control well into the second half. Welcome to life with Rick Barnes on the sidelines, Vols fans.

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Not much one can say other than WTF as fas as the epic Tennessee melt vs. Alabama is concerned. Simply move on and hope it doesn’t happen again the next night.



Clemson was somewhat of an early season disappointment, but the Tigers have been a very pleasant surprise since ACC play got underway. Nevertheless, I see tonight’s game against Pittsburgh as a difficult challenge for Clemson and I’ll be lining up on the Panthers.

Clemson has succeeded in slowing down several opponents and creating some frustration for those teams in the process. I don’t think that’s as likely to be the case this evening. Pitt will be happy enough to play the game at a snail’s pace.

If that’s the scenario that unfolds, I believe it favors the Panthers are they are a very efficient offensive team when it’s not up and down the court. That’s not to suggest that Clemson is overmatched in any way tonight. But the numbers are pretty clear that in a duel of teams that are similar in approach, Pittsburgh does most things just a little better than the Tigers.

Both the Panthers and Tigers have a pair of frontcourt stars, and the likelihood is that the pairing that produces the better numbers tonight will end up leading their team to the win. It’s the Artis/Young combo for Pittsburgh going head to head with Blossomgame/Nnoko for Clemson. The Panthers should get some help with the possible return of Sheldon Jeter, a valuable commodity off the bench who has had some nice offensive games for Pitt.

This is close enough on paper, and I will be surprised if either team runs away with this one. That means a tight skirmish that likely goes down to the last few possessions. If that’s the case, grabbing three points could be very helpful. I’ll do exactly that here with the play on Pittsburgh.