Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 2/13/19

  • February 12, 2019

I just finished watching an epic comeback by Duke, or epic collapse by Louisville if you prefer. I guess that all depends on individual perspective. But the bottom line is that the Blue Devils were in a really tough scheduling spot, they were absolutely dead in the water, and somehow ended up winning the basketball game.

Good luck trying to beat this team.

Regardless, Louisville was the right side from a situational standpoint, and they got the money. The success rate of teams in plus or minus scheduling/situational spots right now is simply amazing. Here’a hoping it continues down the regular season homestretch!

1-1-1 for me on Tuesday. Kansas State win, Northern Illinois lost and Central Michigan pushed. That wash result was a pain in the neck as the Chippewas had the game covered for 39:56. But the needless foul with four seconds remaining and the subsequent two made free throws cost me the win.

The Wednesday slate will be deep. I have three fits on the late season system stuff and I will have three other plays that I like for other reasons.

The daily free play is one of the system plays.