Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 2/6/19

  • February 5, 2019

A tale of two cities, at least as far as their NHL teams are concerned, on Tuesday night.

The Vegas Golden Knights were faced with the difficult task of trying to snap a losing streak at Tampa Bay. Tough enough to have to face that juggernaut on the road under ideal circumstances. Mix in a 2-0 deficit and it was sure easy to wonder how the Knights would handle an 0-5 run, which would have been the lengthiest skid in their brief history.

But the Knights don’t quit. The rally to force the game into overtime was more than impressive. Finding a way to slip one past a Lightning goalie who was on fire was even better as the Knights pulled out the 3-2 shootout thriller. With the exception of the playoff wins last season, I’d say this was probably the best victory in this team’s short history. Absolutely huge two points!

The flip side is the Edmonton Oilers. Talk abut a lifeless bunch. Edmonton held a 2-1 lead heading to the third period against Chicago. But that was a tenuous advantage at best and it just felt like the Oiler might well implode at any point. They did, and in really grotesque fashion. The Blackhawks put up a five-spot in the this period and earned their fifth straight win in the process. The Oilers look like a team that would be thrilled if the season ended today.

I really have no idea what the Oilers can do to get things going. They have arguably the best player on the planet on their roster. But they also have just about nothing else. One cannot help but wonder when Connor McDavid decides to ask out. I know the NHL is not at all like the NBA in this regard, thank goodness. But I also know that McDavid is eventually going to want to play for a franchise that at least has a fighting chance to contend.

Three small hoops plays on Tuesday resulted in a 1-1-1 wash. Fortunately, my NHL play on the Blue Jackets worked out nicely, so it was a productive evening overall.

I’ve got five hoops set for Wednesday, and I’ll include one of those here as the daily free play.

807 BAYLOR at 808 TEXAS

Take: BAYLOR +3