Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 3/6/19

  • March 5, 2019

The Las Vegas Bowl is going big time. Bad news for the Mountain West, but the “local” conference is getting the boot with the arrival of the new stadium. The Big Ten and SEC will now be alternating visits to the desert for a matchup with a PAC-12 member.

As for the Mountain West, they will now be part of the new LA Bowl. Lotsa luck filling the seats for that one.

It’s a tough break for the Mountain West, but hardly unexpected. It’s just a natter off time before one of the playoff games gets scheduled for Las Vegas. Truth is, the city has outgrown the Mountain West.


If there’s a way to lose a basketball game in the final minute, I’ll find it. I can’t say i had the right side with Loyola Maryland but they still managed to lose the end game. I can say i had the right side with UIC. But the Flames end up in the trash heap in game they had covered for 39:55, and they were ahead for virtually the entire second half. Quite honestly, I’ve come to expect these melts in basketball as they’ve been the rule rather than the exception.

Here’s an early opinion for Wednesday on one of the Ohio Velley tournament games.