Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 4/10/19

  • April 10, 2019

Maybe I’m a bit more cynical than most people. Or it’s possible that I’ve got a better take on this topic. I’m referring to Chris Davis, the one-time slugger who has now become most famous for the lengthiest hitless streak for any position player in the history of baseball. Davis is now on a mind numbing 0/49 hitless streak.

All I kept hearing yesterday about Davis was sympathy and pats on the back, along the lines of “you gotta feel for the guy” or something similar.

Sorry, but I’m not chiming in. Davis has been pretty terrible for some time now. He was mediocre in 2017, and downright hideous last season. I completely understand that he’s owed a load of cash by the Orioles, and it’s not the fault of Davis that the Baltimore franchise made him a ridiculous offer a few years ago.

But Davis is simply telling the money at this point. This isn’t a slump. Slumps can be lengthy at times, but when they start spreading over multiple seasons, they’re not slumps. They’re proof the player can’t cut it at the Major League Baseball level anymore.

The Orioles are at fault for insisting on keeping Davis on the roster. There is no question they should simply eat the contract and designate Davis for assignment.

As for Davis, he could also do the right thing. Negotiate a buyout and call it a day. I think it’s safe to say Davis has earned more than enough to live a pretty comfortable lifestyle for the rest of his life. By continuing to take up a roster spot, he’s hurting his team and is actually also denying a big league spot to a more deserving player.

I’ll start showing some compassion when Davis does what he really needs to to do at this point.

It’s Masters week, so here’s a quartet that I’ll be splitting one unit on as outright winners. One quarter unit on each.

Justin Thomas +1600

Rickey Fowler +1600

Jon Rahm +1600

Hideki Matsuyama +4000

Good luck!