Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 4/17/19

  • April 17, 2019

So much for the 62-win Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m certainly not meaning to offer a backhand compliment to the Blue Jackets, but I really feel as though the Lightning lost this set more than Columbus won it. Simply stated, Tampa Bay did an awful job of not imposing their will as far as the tempo is concerned and hey got their brains beat in as a result.

But then again, maybe what took place is an illustration of the different mindset that exists in the playoffs. In essence, Tampa Bay fell into the “playoff hockey” mentality and I really thought they slowed themselves down. As a result, the Lightning now fall into the “they blew it” category. Good news for the books as there was quite a bit of future book cash on the regular season champs and those tickets are now all dead.

I went 2-1 last night with three dogs on the diamond. I won’t be on any of the day games today, but should have one or two plays on the evening agenda. Meanwhile, here’s an opinion on one of tonight’s NHL games. This will be a small play for me, not a full unit, but a decent lean.


Take: AVALANCHE -105

All the pressure is now on the Flames, and Calgary is in desperate need of a win tonight at Denver. The bad news is the Avs have gotten hot, and Nathan MacKinnon is absolutely dominating the proceedings. It’s also worth noting that college superstar Mike Makar looked very much at home in his NHL debut and gives Colorado another weapon on offense. We’ve already seen one top seed fold under the pressure and I would not be surprised to see the same thing take place in this series. I’m leaning Colorado’s way tonight.