Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/1/19

  • April 30, 2019

I’ll be making this pretty brief, as I’m behind on my work for Wednesday. Tuesday worked out nicely, with the Padres and Angels each scoring 4-3 wins for a neat little 2-0 sweep. I’m not dead set on anything yet for Wednesday, but I’m quite sure I’ll have today’s free play on the card.

INDIANS (Kluber) at MARLINS (Smith)


The Marlins are terrible, no big news there. But Miami clearly plays its best baseball when Caleb Smith takes the mound. Believe it or not, the Marlina are an eye opening 9-3 going back to last season when the southpaw takes the mound. Smith has certainly outpitched Corey Kluber in the first month of the season. The Indians star righty has yet to find his groove. He likely will at some point, but right now Kluber is a bit overpriced.

Cleveland has a clear edge in the bullpen, and I really don’t have much desire to be backing the Miami side if this is a late game coin flip. So I’m going to make this a short game and will look to back Smith and the Marlins for the first five innings.