Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/15/19

  • May 14, 2019

I guess I enjoy talking baseball about as much as anything. That being the case, the prospect of being able to do so at length on a five days per week basis is pretty appealing.

I’ll now be contributing Monday through Friday each week on Wagertalk’s First Pitch webcast. Follow me on Twitter @davecokin to get the link for each day’s program and enjoy!

I did not enjoy Tuesday’s action. That’s thanks to a rare Runs Line play that sure looked great early but ended badly as the Red Sox lost in extras to the Rockies.

This really was one of the weirder games I’ve seen all season. The Rockies ended up winning a game in which they established a new record for offensive futility. Colorado became the first team ever to strike out 24 times over 10 innings without drawing a single walk. That had never happened in MLB history. Now it has. Definitely one of the more bizarre losses I’ve been a part of, but that’s the way they roll sometimes.

I’ve got one side and one F5 Under set for Wednesday. Here’s the Total play that I’ll use as today’s free selection.

PADRES (Strahm) at DODGERS (Maeda)

Take: F5 UNDER 4 +105