Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5-25-16

  • May 24, 2016

Social media has its pros and cons, to be sure. The upside is obvious. Information gets disseminated in the blink of an eye, and that can be of value no matter what an individual’s particular interest might be. The downside is that is that the various platforms can also be used by people whose thoughts are probably better left to themselves. But at the same time, even putting negative stuff out there for everyone to see can serve a purpose in terms of heightening awareness.

But social media at its very best is absolutely terrific, as we saw on Tuesday night with TNT honoring Craig Sager and his courageous battle with cancer. The crew got decked out in special ties and socks, and as soon as the attire was on display, #sagerstrong and #sagerswag began trending in a big way.

Sager has also been named as this year’s Jimmy V recipient for this year’s ESPYS. That’s a tremendous honor and this is one time I don’t think anyone is going to find fault with the winner.

The guy is an absolute inspiration, no doubt about it. The way Craig Sager has handled what has been an incredibly tough war with this horrible disease is nothing short of amazing. There just aren’t enough superlatives to bestow on Sager. Let’s all hope he’s doing his thing for many years to come.

I won a close game with the Rays to start my Tuesday, and it was all downhill from there. Tough night on the diamond, and I’m not sure I can read a game worse than I did with the Warriors. They’re in trouble, and so am I if I don’t rebound from the last two days, which have been pathetic. I’m on a pair of baseball games for Wednesday already, and have also already played the basketball game. Plus, I’ve got a series play on San Jose in the NHL, so I’ll obviously be pulling hard for the Sharks to get the close tonight. I sure don’t want a Game Seven, let’s put it that way.

I’ll have two free plays rolling tonight, as I posted my side in tonight’s Game Five between the Raptors and Cavaliers in the Tuesday blog. Here’s one on the diamond for this evening to go with that.



Rubby De La Rosa has always had the big arm and lots of potential. Putting the pieces together for the Arizona righty hasn’t been so easy, and he’s endured some pretty rough stretches while wearing a few different uniforms. But 2016 might be the breakout for De La Rosa. He has displayed some substantial improvement in a variety of areas and while I don’t know that he’s ever going to be an ace, Rubby is establishing himself as a solid rotation piece for the Snakes. The big improvement for Rubby DLR has been his ability to handle lefty hitters, which had been a huge issue for him previously.

The same cannot be said for Pirates lefty Jeff Locke. I will be surprised if Locke remains in the Pittsburgh rotation for much longer as there are a couple of prime young prospects on the way. Locke just hasn’t been able to achieve any consistency and his 2016 numbers are simply lousy.

If you’re into the metrics, this is a pretty clear cut choice on the pitching front. De La Rosa is well more than one run better than Locke right down the line, pretty much regardless of what criteria one gives the most weight to, and yet he’s the underdog in this matchup.

There’s always something negative, it seems, and my one concern here is up the middle with Jean Segura certainly out for this game and I would suspect Nick Ahmed will be sitting it out as well. Hopefully, that won’t be the difference in this clash, although I certainly don’t like the idea of my side being without Segura, who is a real key at the top of the order.

The Diamondbacks were absolutely destroyed on Tuesday night, so I’m hoping that humiliation will get them charged up for some quick revenge tonight against the Bucs. Certainly there’s always the chance De La Rosa steps backward for an evening, or Locke could throw it well for a change. But on paper, there’s a big edge for De La Rosa against Locke and I’m catching a small plus on the money line to boot. I’ll give Rubby a roll here and will back the Diamondbacks tonight.