Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/30/18

  • May 30, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles star defensive end Chris Long just discovered something I already knew. If you’re going to have fun joking around on Twitter, you literally need to note that you’re joking in the tweet.

Sorry Chris, but we live in the age of people taking anything and everything that anyone posts on Twitter very seriously. Subtlety is a lost art. Everything gets taken at face value.

It really sucks to be honest, because for folks like myself who enjoy a good dose of well placed sarcasm, it’s tough to find these days. And when I do see a tweet that’s going down that road, a quick scan of the responses immediately clues me in that way too many of the viewers of said tweet just failed miserably at grasping the concept.

It finally happened. The Mets lost their starting pitcher to an injury while amassing a nice early lead, and the beleaguered bullpen collapsed yet again at crunch time. Following that misfortune, my play on the Twins turned south, again in he eighth inning and I eventually lost the game in the 14th. So for the first time in ages, an 0-2 night. Not a big deal as the profits are large enough to withstand a difficult night, and I fully expect a rapid rebound today.

I’ll be announcing the June special in tomorrow’s blog. I actually don’t know what it’s going to be myself but I’ll figure something out today.

Game Two between the amazing Golden Knights and the Capitals tonight. I’ll make that the free play for the day. Note a previous free play on the Golden Knights to win the series is pending.



I’m not going to be surprised if Washington wins tonight. This has the look of a very close series based on the back and forth Game One thriller. On that basis, I suppose I can’t argue with those who will be going the zigzag route and backing the Caps at a generous price tonight.

But I have to side with the home team again. Vegas is about as tough as it gets on its home ice, and in spite of there still being naysayers who can’t believe what they’re seeing, the team is now 13-3 in the playoffs.

I’m making this just a lean as I absolutely detest laying big prices on individual hockey games and despite their success on the puck line, laying 1.5 in the NHL is not really a sound investment.

But the only way I can personally play would be Vegas. I’ll state this very simply. I have never considered jumping in front of an oncoming freight train to be a good idea. This Golden Knights team has been an oncoming freight train since they took the ice for their very first game last October. Those who have chosen to logically play against the Knights have been penalized heavily. I learned my lesson with this outfit pretty early and I’m very thankful for that. Knights or nothing for me in Game Two.