Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/24/17

  • May 23, 2017

Every now and then, I’ll come across a story so compelling it’s incumbent upon me to publish the link so others can read it as well.

This piece is on the late Aaron Hernandez. Regardless of what you think or care about this individual, his story is incredibly bizarre and fascinating.

Dan Wetzel, the outstanding longtime Yahoo columnist has a phenomenal read up now at that website. I strongly recommend reading it all the way through. It’s very thorough and totally engrossing. Here’s the link.

Another decent result here on Tuesday, although I’m a little irritated with myself for not pulling the trigger on the Under in the hockey game. But I’l take the 2-1 MLB night with winners on the Rockies and Astros -1.5. The loser was a F5 Over wager on the Pirates and Braves, which somehow didn’t get there despite a whopping 21 baserunners in those first five frames.

The May bottom line is starting to look really good, and I’ll sure be trying to add to it over the final week of the month. My guaranteed special is available through the 31st. Sign up using the menu on this page or email me at for all the info pertaining to the offer.

Winner on the Tuesday free play with the Rockies. I only have one play as of now for Wednesday, and rather than toss out a comp on a game I might not play, I’ll look ahead to something I will be playing.


Take: WARRIORS -200 or better

Obviously, this championship series rematch is not yet chiseled in granite as Cleveland still needs one more win to eliminate those pesky Celtics. But acting on the assumption King James and friends accomplish the task at hand, I’ll move forward with what will be my play in the Finals.

I’m not playing against the Cavs, as much as I’m playing on Golden State.

The Warriors won it all two years ago, probably should have won it last season, and I’m convinced this edition of the Warriors is better than either of the previous two versions. That’s hardly a reach as adding a player of Kevin Durant’s caliber is pretty damn significant.

I really don’t think this series is going to be all that tough for the Warriors. They have home court advantage, they’re going to be very well rested, they’ve got a massive revenge motive, and oh yeah, they’re 12-0 this post-season.

We’ll never know but I guess I’ll always believe that had it not been for the Green suspension in last year’s Finals, Golden State would be looking for the three-peat.

Again, no rip on the Cavaliers as they’re an outstanding entry. But I’m going to be on the Warriors to win this year’s title showdown as long as I don’t have to lay more than 2:1.