Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/3/17

  • May 3, 2017

No commentary today, just the Tuesday recap plus the Wednesday free play.

I ended up with a plus figure on Tuesday, but the late spread melt by the Warriors made it just a small win rather than a second straight huge day. But 3-2 is acceptable and the 7-2 start to the new month is encouraging.

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The Tuesday free play lost in horrifying fashion as the Wizards fell apart in overtime and failed to cover in the process. Most bad beats are exaggerated but dogs going down in OT are the worst. I’m back in the NBA this evening with the daily comp, but won’t have to worry about the end game issues for what will be readily apparent reasons.


Take: SPURS 1H -3

Quick analysis here as I’m simply playing the situation. Check it out for yourselves as to how well this has gone so far in the post-season.

Teams in what I would consider to be must-win scenarios have done extremely well early in these games. Must-win is a judgement call to be sure, as I suppose one could make the argument that a Game Two can’t fit that category. Point well taken to at least some extent as one could point to the recently concluded Bulls-Celtics series.

But I feel tonight’s game between the Rockets and Spurs is one San Antonio really needs. They might not be dead down 0-2 and heading to Houston, but let’s just say they’ll be approaching life support status.

My thoughts are that the home team is going to take the court angry and ready to let it all hang out after the humiliating Game One result. So I believe that if the Spurs are going to get the rebound win tonight, they need to get out of the gate quickly.

My official play here will be on the Spurs -3 in the first half, although I also intend to play the first quarter once that become available and will play each option for a half unit.