Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/26/19

  • June 25, 2019

Pardon me while I vent for a moment. I went 1-2 on Tuesday. Good win with the Mariners F5 as they blew up the regressing Zach Davies and returned a nice price in the process. A dumb late add for me on Blake Snell, who got destroyed again for the Rays. I have no idea what’s happening there, but it’s sure weird. So 1-1 for a nice profit on those two plays.

The swing game was the Cubs. I have no problem accepting tough losses, as they’re part of the process. But this was one the Cubs simply gave away. Goat horns for the genius skipper this time.

Bases loaded one out B2, the pitcher up. Alzolay has gone 0-16 as a professional hitter and he has him squeeze bunt. He missed the ball and two Cubs get picked off on the same play. JMad also left lefty Montgomery in to face Albies, who is vastly superior hitting from the right side. Two-run homer. Cubs also screwed up two on, none out in the B8. Nasty loser that really pissed me off.

Anyway, that’s that. On to Wednesday. I’m zoned in on one play for sure, and I’ll post that one here as the daily free play.

DODGERS (Gonsolin) at DIAMONDBACKS (Clarke)

Take: DODGERS F5 -150

Tony Gonsolin debuting for the Dodgers. He’s one of their better prospects and looks like a potential mid-rotation guy. Four pitch mix, and the thing I gather most from the scouting reports is his ability to pitch intelligently. I will continue to back these debuting guys as they continue to pitch well more often than not. Dodgers get to face Taylor Clarke, who has looked like a Quad-A type thus far. Not sweating any surprise rest days for LA as Bellinger got Tuesday night off. But the one fly in the ointment is that Gonsolin is likely on about a 75 pitch max. The Dodgers had a bullpen game on Tuesday and I have no idea what they will do in the last four or so innings in this game. I really don’t want to guess at who’s available, so I’m going to just keep this as a play on Gonsolin, which means Dodgers F5 is the play.