Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/1/16

  • May 31, 2016

I’ve always liked people who speak their minds. I might not always agree with the train of thought expressed, but I’m rather know what’s on an individual’s mind rather than speculate one way or the other.

Jim Harbaugh is definitely in the camp that doesn’t hold back, and that makes him a really interesting guy. No question the Michigan coach can be mighty abrasive. But instead of the typical cliche ridden chatter that most coaches offer, Harbaugh rarely holds back.

Now it appears as though we might have a full blown big name college coach feud brewing between Harbaugh and Alabama’s Nick Saban. This could be a blast to follow.

Saban took a vocal stance against these satellite football camps, complaining about a lack of guidelines and what he sees as a problem with third parties being incorporated into the recruiting process. The one word description used by Saban on these camps was “ridiculous”.

Enter Coach Harbaugh, who wasted no time in unloading on Saban and the Crimson Tide program. Harbaugh took to Twitter (@CoachJim4UM) to make his thoughts known in no uncertain terms.

“Amazing” to me- Alabama broke NCAA rules & now their HC is lecturing us on the possibility of rules being broken at camps. Truly “amazing.”

I love it. Hey, I had no particular rooting interest heading into the 2016 college football season as far as which teams end up in the playoffs. Now I do. I want Michigan vs. Alabama in that gridiron Final Four. I can’t conceive of a better matchup in terms of pre-game hype with these two outspoken coaches on opposite sides of a big issue.

As for the satellite camps, I can’t really offer much of an opinion as it’s not a topic to which I’ve given any thought. I suppose I’ll choose a side at some point, but not till I’m more educated as to what takes place at these things. Meanwhile, I’ll just hope the Harbaugh-Saban duel heats up as we head to the new campaign.

Results are incomplete for Tuesday evening as I’m writing this earlier than usual. Regardless of what the evening produces, May will not go into the books as a good month. I need a much better June, simple as that.

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Here’s the Tuesday free play, as a new month begins and hopefully vastly better results than what May produced on these daly selections.

RANGERS (Hamels) @ INDIANS (Bauer)

Take: RANGERS -105

This is one of those games where none of the edges are all that dominant, but for the most part the check marks are on the Texas side.

First, from a team perspective, I’ve got the Rangers on a win streak, while the Indians have started backing up following a nice run of their own. It’s not automatic for me, but for obvious reasons, I’d rather be tapping a go-with team when matched up against a go-against squad as far as streaks are concerned.

I certainly had some worry about how the suspension of Rougned Odor might impact the Rangers offense. No such concerns now, though. Jurickson Profar, once one of the hottest prospects in the game before a succession of injuries derailed his progress, is on a roll. In fact, I have to think Profar might be creating a pleasant problem for management. The Rangers are set up the middle with Odor and Andrus, but Profar is forcing his way into the mix. I don’t know exactly what Texas does with Profar if this production continues, but sending him back to the minors would seem like a waste of time at this juncture.

The pitcher matchup here is Cole Hamels vs. Trevor Bauer. Hamels has been a bit erratic thus far, but I do like the idea of the lefty rebounding from what was his worst start of the 2016 season. Hamels will get to face a Cleveland lineup that isn’t always the most potent against lefties, so I give him a good chance to put together a quality start this evening.

As for Trevor Bauer, he’s got the stuff to shut any team down, but it just doesn’t happen very often. I have no idea why this guy has never put it together, but that’s the story with Bauer. He remains vulnerable to those crooked number innings, and I can see that happening again here vs. a Texas team that has some explosiveness.

This is just one of those add ’em up games for me. A little edge for Hamels, better numbers by a bit in several categories I monitor and perhaps most of all, a winning streak vs. a losing streak. With the game at what amounts to pick ’em, I’m playing the Rangers tonight.