Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/14/17

  • June 13, 2017

There are times when I am simply dumbfounded by what seem to be blatantly awful decisions no big league manager should ever make.

A classic example of this occurred in the Tuesday night game between the Orioles and White Sox. Baltimore had squandered several good scoring chances early, but found themselves trailing only 2-1 heading to the bottom of the sixth inning.

Rookie pitcher Alec Asher had pitched a nice game for the Birds to that point. Three scoreless out of the gate, a rocky fourth in which he managed to escape a big crooked number while surrendering a couple of runs, and no problem getting through the fifth. But right from the start of the sixth inning, Asher looked gassed as his command suddenly went away.

I want to stress this is not a second guess on my part. Here’s a series of three tweets I published, beginning with the situation being two on and none out.

Dave Cokin‏Verified account @davecokin
Buck leaving Asher in to face any more hitters is ultra high risk. Know their pen stinks right now but I think Asher is toast here.

Dave Cokin‏Verified account @davecokin
So Asher walks the next guy…. and Buck still won’t lift him. Terrible decision imo.

Dave Cokin‏Verified account @davecokin
Grand slam. Nice managing Buck.

Note I’m not trying to make myself out to be something amazing here. I simply don’t see how a major league manager can’t see what to virtually anyone is a clear as day decision. Leaving the pitcher one batter too late is one thing. After he misses the strike zone badly on a walk to the next guy and loading the bases is a mandatory pitching change in my book. That’s especially the case here, as it’s a rookie pitcher who is clearly done for the night.

Anyway, next guy up is Matt Davidson and I don’t think the ball he hit has landed yet. I don’t care about lefty-right percentages or anything else. The guy needed to be out of the game and Showalter basically killed his team’s chances of winning with this rather imbecilic decision.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Buck has screwed up the bullpen. Ubaldo Jimenez pitching in an extra inning playoff game ahead of Zach Britton ring a bell?

A harmless split for me on Tuesday on the two games I was involved in. I’m a little miffed at myself for not trusting the math and leaving the Pirates off my card. But also no problem second guessing myself. Buck Showalter wasn’t the only one who made a bad decision on Tuesday, evidently.

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My Wednesday free play will be on the day game at Petco Park in San Diego between the Reds and Padres.

REDS (Garrett) at PADRES (Chacin)

Take: PADRES -125

This is a play on Chacin and against Garrett. It’s really as simple as that, as Garrett might be the only lefty I’d take a shot against with the Friars. They are horrendous offensively against southpaws.

But Garrett looks overmatched right now as he can’t get his mechanics straight. So he’s a straight fade at this point. I really like the potential for the Las Vegas lefty, but he appears to be in dire need of more seasoning presently.

Chacin has been spectacular at Petco for the Padres, so I’ve got some confidence in him here. From a team perspective, the Friars are not all that awful at home, but Cincy has been quite bad on the road lately, losing seven in a row and trailing again as I’m writing this.

I’m not going to pretend I’m wild about laying a price with SD, but Garrett is very possibly the worst starter in baseball right now. So the Padres are the pick in this one.