Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/7/17

  • June 6, 2017

This is going to be another of those blogs where I link to a story. In this instance, it’s an interview with Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt, one of the all-time great players. Here’s the link.

This is the classic example of why, if I were an agent or advisor to any celebrity, I would instruct them to speak in cliches all the time. In other words, talk while saying nothing of substance.

Mike Schmidt is going to catch a ration of you know what over this interview. To be honest, I think, or at least hope, he just started off badly and while trying to climb out of the hole he dig, just made it even deeper.

Judge for yourself.

2-2 for me on Tuesday, and I cannot express in acceptable language how irritated I am with Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Anyway, a harmless split, but it really should have been 3-1. Busy Wednesday coming up as I’ll be in action on the diamond and in the Game Three Warriors-Cavaliers hookup as well.

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Another nice result with the Phillies-Braves Under never in danger on Tuesday evening. I’m going to go a slightly different route for today’s free play with a PGA win bet.



I haven’t had a PGA winner in a handful of weeks, ever since getting home with Kevin Chappell at roughly +2600 in his first tour win after several near misses. I’m thinking I might have a chance to get home this week with Russel Henley.

It’s important to note that if there were no odds involved, I’d probably back Ricky Fowler or Brooks Koepka. But win wagering on the PGA is all about getting the right price, and neither of those two players offers enough of a return for me to get involved.

But Henley is at a good enough price to warrant some consideration for me. He’s a solid performer on Bermuda grass greens, Henley already has one win in his pocket this year, and he was a contender in last year’s St. Jude’s.

Henley is actually the shorter priced player among the two I took shots with this week. If he gets out of the gate reasonably well on Thursday, don’t be shocked to see him in contention come Sunday. At 25-1, that’s all I’m asking for is a chance to get the money when the final round rolls around.