Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/28/19

  • August 28, 2019

The college season begins in earnest tomorrow night following an exciting pair of Week Zero games that should have whetted the appetite of all fans.

I’m on a total of nine games altogether, and don’t anticipate adding anything. Subscribers to my personal service (package available here at Cokin’s Picks) get all the plays, as well as whatever I have in NFL, MLB and NHL once that gets started. So lots of action and hopefully lots of profits.

I’ll also be offering one exclusive game each week at this site. I’m not really a fan of all the eggs in one basket type of wagering but for those who want just one strong opinion, I’ll have one college game each week.

As for the sites that sell my plays, I want to be very consistent. So I’ll be posting five colleges every week at each of those sites and it will always be the same five games at each site. The reason for the same five games is simple enough. I want all the records to be the same so there are no questions about why I’m winning more at one than another. As for limiting the rundown to five each week, simple enough.

Any questions, just shoot me an email. Meanwhile, here’s one of the nine I played. This one is off my personal power ratings, as I have the dog winning the game outright.


Take: SMU +3

Quick note on this game. I really don’t know how to factor in the very unfortunate situation with Ark State head coach Blake Anderson tragically losing his wife to cancer. This is strictly a numbers opinion for me that appears to offer good value on visiting SMU.