Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/2/17

  • August 1, 2017

Talk about a crazy night in Major League Baseball! Tuesday evening was insane. Here are a few samples of what took place on a bizarro night of big league baseball.

The marquee pitching duel of the night was supposed to be at Fenway Park with Carlos Carrasco throwing tor the Indians and Cy Young frontrunner Chris Sale on the mound for the Red Sox. The game went Over the number in the second inning. Craig Kimbrel had a rare off night and blew the save in the top of the ninth. The Red Sox were on their way to a 10-9 loss as Mitch Moreland struck out to apparently end the game. But the pitch he landed on was wild and got so far away from the Cleveland catcher than Moreland was able to reach first base despite not realizing what had happened with the pitch he whiffed on. Next up, Christian Vazquez, who had three homers in 600 career plate appearances. Make that four homers, as he launched a walkoff bomb that had to be the longest drive he’s ever had in the majors.

Max Scherzer hit his first career home run for the Nationals in the second inning. The NL leader in the clubhouse for the Cy Young headed out to pitch the bottom of the second with a 6-0 lead. Game over. But after throwing one warmup pitch, Scherzer removed himself with neck spasms, evidently due to having “slept funny.” The Washington long relievers than proceeded to get crushed and the Braves came back to win the game.

Jon Lester hit his first career homer for the Cubs and also racked up nine strikeouts as the Cubs annihilated the Diamondbacks. But Lester didn’t even last the necessary five innings to pick the win as he got knocked out in the fifth inning.

Anibal Sanchez, who is basically still in the Detroit rotation because they don’t have anyone else, has been getting drilled nearly all season. So naturally, on this nutty night of baseball, he has his best outing of the season at Yankee Stadium and the Tigers get the big upset in the process.

Jimmy Nelson took the mound with an 0-8 career ledger along with a really ugly ERA against the Cardinals. Nelson is now 1-8 against the Redbirds.

There are a few more things I could mention, but I think thats enough. Suffice to say that anyone who didn’t find Tuesday night on the diamond to be wildly entertaining just doesn’t like baseball.

Nice start to the new month here with the Padres earning a shutout win over the reeling Twins. Jhoulys Chacin was lights out, and while it took the Friars until the sixth inning to get a hit against Jose Berrios, they put together enough offense after that to nail down the win.

Football 2017 is already underway for me with some really good results in the CFL. Two more plays as of now for this week’s action. The NFL pre-season gets rolling on Thursday evening. I’ll be strictly a spectator for that game, but I’ve already made two plays for Week One of the regular season. Everyone who’s on for my football package gets every play I bet myself. Other valuable info is included with this subscription, and the early signup rate will remain in place until next Thursday. Get set up now by using the tape to the right of the page where it reads Cokin’s Picks. For more detailed info on what’s included, simply email me at

The Brewers won as the Tuesday free play. The Wednesday comp will be a very rare parlay as I decided to go with a side and total on the same game.

TIGERS (Zimmermann) at YANKEES (Tanaka)


Day game at Yankee Stadium, hot and pretty humid, no wind issues. That’s close to paradise for the hitters.

Masahiro Tanaka is throwing it much better lately for the Yankees, particularly when it comes to balls and strikes. But he’s still very homer prone. Tanaka has surrendered 27 long balls in his 123.2 innings of work and even though he’s been better overall recently, the homers are still a problem.

Jordan Zimmermann has been a season long fade for me, either going against the Detroit righty or playing the Over. I’ll go for both here. Zimmermann is off a good performance vs. the Astros, and might have had his best command of the season. But that’s just one game. Overall, the low ground ball rate has been very much in play. If that holds here, the Yankees should take him deep at least a couple of times.

Detroit was a very surprising winner on Tuesday as Anibal Sanchez stunned with a strong performance. Look for the Yanks to get the offense back in gear today and I can see Detroit doing enough to also support a play on the Over. With the money line being where it is, I’m going to opt for a parlay and a bigger payoff on the Yankees and Over.