Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/23/17

  • August 23, 2017

I ended up with no action at all on Tuesday. I have a tendency to lower the baseball volume down the stretch for a variety of reasons. So blank days on the diamond won’t be unusual from now until the playoffs get underway.

That’s certainly not the case in football. I’ve already taken positions on five college games, and a couple others are being strongly considered. As for the NFL, I’ve made three Week One regular season plays along with a few Over-Under win props.

I have yet to actually play anything for Wednesday in baseball. So today’s free play is presently in the added opinion category. If I end up using the game for myself and my personal service clients, I’ll make sure to note it on my Twitter feed (@davecokin)

DIAMONDBACKS (Godley) at METS (Flexen)


The Mets are actually the play-on side in the series sweep revenge angle, but I’ll buck that trend here. Zack Godley is throwing for Arizona, and while he got knocked around in his most recent start, I don’t see that off game as cause for alarm. He was still generating loads of K’s, and I didn’t see any red flags to suggest Godley is suddenly going to hit the skids.

Chris Flexen will pitch tonight for the Mets. The young righty is flashing some promise, but I don’t think he’s ready to win consistently at this level just yet. Too many walks and early indicators are that he’s going to be vulnerable to long balls with some fly ball tendencies. I think it’s safe to suggest that Flexen is still a year away and is only with the big club now due to all the injuries in the rotation.

There’s certainly no bargain to be had here, and that’s going to pretty much be the case from here on with any game that features a contender vs. a run of the mill opponent. Opinion here is that even at the fairly steep tag, the Diamondbacks are the right side.

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