Dave’s Free Play, Monday 2/25/13

  • February 25, 2013

There were two OT games on Sunday between college and pro hoops plus the NHL. Unfortunately for me, I got involved in both of them and lost each one. I don’t feel too bad about missing with the Avalanche on the ice. The analysis was actually on target as the premise for taking the big dog was a potentially sluggish Anaheim team off a long break, plus the very shaky Hiller in goal. That worked on both counts, as the Ducks were not good out of the gate and Hiller was mostly brutal. But Colorado had played the prior night and the Avalanche gassed badly after the first period.

The loss with Radford was far worse. Up 52-44 with :57 remaining in regulation, they managed to blow the entire lead thanks to not being able to get a rebound and also committing fouls, generally not the recommended strategy when you’re ahead. Very frustrating loser to put it mildly.

The good news is I got a nice comeback by Carolina in the NHL and the free play was a blowout winner as Temple laid waste to Charlotte. Very limited slate on Monday, but I can see reasons to take a side in one of tonight’s Big East hookups.
02/25 06:00 PM CB (713) VILLANOVA (714) SETON HALL

Take: (713) VILLANOVA

Credit where credit is due belongs to Jay Wright. He’s coaching a Villanova squad that I would call somewhat limited. JayVaughn Pinkston is a really solid guy, but the rest of the roster is pretty average. I don’t see the Wildcats as having the potential to be more than okay on offense. But the ‘Cats are running some good stuff and what’s happening is that they’re getting to the foul line on a very regular basis. In fact, Villanova is number one in all of D-1 in terms of point distribution from the stripe. Seton Hall has a tendency to foul too frequently, which means there’s a good chance they’re going to play right into Villanova’s hands here. I also like what Wright has the ‘Cats doing defensively, as he’s running multiple sets and creating confusion for Big East opponents. Villanova is on a nice roll right now while Seton Hall isn’t winning anything. It’s a potential flat spot for the visitors with a big revenge game at Pitt on deck. But I’ll ignore that and focus on the actual matchup tonight, which would seem to favor the Wildcats. Villanova minus the points is the choice.